Welcome to my humble studio

– where I’m taking over the world, one magnet at a time 😂. Once upon a time I only created the button and sticker magnets in my spare time (above photo)….and they were so much fun! 

They sold really well at the farmers market and my lil farm shop. Then the chaos of the universe intervened and my journey took a new direction, which led me to having more time to craft and discover all the different random and fun things that can be turned into a magnet - because why not?!

My magnets are all one of a kind pieces. I use a variety of new and recycled materials including repurposed junk jewelry. I’m tinkering with epoxy to create bases for my pieces but I think my favorite bases to work with are lil tiles and bamboo. 

I hope you find some creative inspiration during your visit here and maybe even discover something unique just for you!

Best Wishes,

PS to my Digital Download customers - I thank you so much for your past support and hope to one day be able to jump back in to digital design and creating. Please contact me if you have any concerns or requests - I'd love to hear from you!

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